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Industry Comments

Mecca Bodega is a fantastic percussion-driven band out of NYC. They have done several events here at Ommegang and without doubt they get the most people up and moving of anyone we’ve had here. And they get the most ovations and play the most encores. Plus they put on a show that James Brown would appreciate for the intensity, and they’re not prima-donnas in any way, shape, or form. Christ… now that I think about it, they’re almost perfect. Hmmm…maybe we should just try to keep them down here for our events.
–Larry Bennett, Marketing Director/Brewery Ommegang

I thought you guys were terrific at the Music Player Live conference. That was just a thrilling demonstration — all too brief for my taste. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to sponsor your involvement.
— Phil Hood, CEO/Publisher Drum! Magazine

Fan Comments

During the world’s most traumatic period, September 2001, I visited New York for the first time in my life as a volunteer rescue worker from Australia. One of the most positive, uplifting experiences I had was in Grand Central Station. I heard music of a kind I had never heard before and just had to find out where it came from. I tracked it down to a single figure sitting before a “zither”, but playing it by drumming on it with little sticks. The music he was playing enthralled me. I wanted to share this discovery with my friends and family in Australia and purchased 20 discs from Paul, who signed each one. A fan for life, the music blows me away. Thank you, Mecca Bodega!
— Graham Goddard

Last week my visit to NYC was filled with miserable weather …lots of schlepping around in the cold windy rain and hopping on and off subways. my sister and I came through one station, I don’t even remember which one, and heard your music playing. we locked arms together and stepped closer to the magic, stunned to hear this amazing music in the subway station. it was a moment i’ll never forget and one of the few highlights of my whole trip. Thank You.
— Margaret

When I used to work in a music store, a coworker told me about you, but it wasn’t until just today, over two years later, that I first heard your music (when I switched subway trains at 34th Street in NYC)! I instantly fell in love with your music and bought Skin! I’m loving it, and can’t wait to get the rest of your music! Keep up the absolutely amazing job, guys!
— Greg

We just returned home from the Milford Music Festival and an absolutely stunning performance! The joy, energy and spirit of all members comes shining through, and envelops the audience. We were listening to “Subway Stories” in the car, and we are now listening to “Skin”; fantastic music! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m a drummer and also play keyboards, guitar and bass, and you guys will undoubtedly influence what comes through me. Hope to see you perform again very soon, as it’s great medicine for the soul.
— Sam

I made the journey to NYC this thanksgiving, only for the second time in my life. As I stepped off the train at 34th and 6th my ears were swept away by the most heartening melody I have ever hearkened. Immediately, I walked over and bought “Rythym and Rail”, which is absolutely hypnotic. Music means the world to me, so thank you. You have a fan for life.
— Mack

Your guys performance at Sunshine Daydream this past weekend was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I love the percussion I wish the festival would include more band similar to yours, you know with hand drums in the set. But anyways you guys rocked and PLEASE COME BACK TO SSDD AGAIN.
— Danny P.

Hey! I just wanted to say I love you guys! I’ve been going to your shows for a few years now. Mainly at the autumn cafe in Oneonta New York and in NYC! You guys rock!
— hayley

I walked up the stairs of the subway station on Wednesday evening at 34th st. I had a minute to listen to your music. I was taken to another time and place. Emotions filled my body and I felt like crying. At that moment I realized how blessed I was and Dr. Djobi looked in my eyes and smiled. As if Mecca Bodega finally let me in on a secret; We are all blessed. I can’t wait to take my wife out to hear you, please keep me updated for your next NYC show!
— Andy

I was in Penn Station waiting for the train back to Long Island. I had just come back from a concert in Phily (this was in July). I love music, so I naturally wander over to hear the rhythms that I had walked by a moment before. I was having a auditory orgasm! This is the kind of sound I had been looking for the last few years! I was hooked and bought your Skin cd on the spot. I would have bought more but that was all the cash I had left from my trip. Now I just bought myself all the rest of your cds for my Yule present. Thanks for being here and you have a fan for life!!!!
— Becky