City Of Rocks

Hypnotic tribal groove exploding on a city street beat.

This music blends guitars, hammered dulcimer, didjeridoo, voice, and drums from around the globe in a celebration of rhythm and song.

An impressive album that’s very much percussion based but still offering a full sound with plenty of vocals and exotic and traditional instruments. They produce a brilliant, international sound that’s full of vitality and energy.
— Fact Sheet 5

Tracks like “Sekou” and “City Of Rocks” are the most primo polyrhythmic trance music you’ve heard since you watched your Woodstock video and juked along with Santana’s “Soul Sacrifice” or the massed tribes beating their dinner tins in the rain.
— Magnet

Talented brothers Marc and Paul Mueller of Mecca Bodega accomplish a rare feat on “City Of Rocks”: constructing groovy, spacey, percussion-based music that truly rocks in deep and varied ways.
— Modern Drummer

Released: 1996