Hammered Dulcimer

Ethereal music for the soul. Featuring the hammered dulcimer and hand percussion

What is it about some recording that makes us want to listen to them over and over? It has something to do with spiritual nutrition, the need we have for sonic inspiration, stimulation, refreshment and healing. Most of these pieces are pretty minimalistic, even mechanistic, but all the parts seem smooth and well oiled. The dulcimer adds a shimmer like that of polished metal. I’ve used this tape to clear my head at the end of the day several times since it arrived, and it’s quite effective.
— Dulcimer Players News

Released: 1997

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1. One Winged Angel (4:38)
2. Lobos? (6:03)
3. Stump (4:54)
4. Canandaigua Lake (4:30)
5. Sonnet (8:18)
6. The Isle Of Kadapous (4:14)
7. Kentucky Fried Medulla (5:39)
8. The Giving Pants (4:49)
9. Epiphany Mayfair (3:20) 

Selected Song Samples

One Winged Angel:


Canandaigua Lake:

The Isle of Kadapous:

Epiphany Mayfair: