Mecca Bodega Live

Live from Celebrate Brooklyn Festival and Merkin Hall shows. (Includes live performances of previously unreleased songs.)

It’s a tribal thing, a percussion and didjeridoo bonfire of rhythmic spirituality that is primal, yet far from primitive. Sometimes the mood is ethereal and serene, at others wild-eyed and fierce. Even though the energy levels ebb and flow throughout Live, Mecca Bodega’s intensity is a constant.
— Las Vegas Weekly

Released: 1999

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1. Thumb (5:54)
2. Death Of The Cool (6:34)
3. A Night Of Fushion (4:56)
4. Red Shoes (4:53)
5. Hummus Around The Horn (4:44)
6. Neck Beard (3:08)
7. Trust (4:26)
8. Myrrh (4:47)
9. Udda (5:31)
10. Bloat (2:43)
11. This Wheel’s On Fire (6:28)

Selected Song Samples


A Night of Fushion: