Rhythm Rail

Featuring the hammered dulcimer and the drums and percussion played during street music performances.

All songs are instrumental, recorded with mostly acoustic instruments, including tracks with the African kora and the Thai khim.

Mecca Bodega focuses exclusively this time out on the richly textured, acoustic exotica element of their sound. The results are dazzling. They take listeners on an old world spice trail marked by hammered dulcimers, flutes, and acoustic guitars, all swirling gently to the pulsing beat of hand drums.
— Lee Abraham

Released: 2000

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1. Acacia (4:01)
2. El Fungo! (3:36)
3. Hummus Around The Horn (4:30)
4. Ben Bulben (3:54)
5. Yuturi (4:15)
6. Laurebina Pass (3:59)
7. Wat Suan Mok (3:54)
8. Jamila (6:27)
9. Verdi Square (6:03)
10. Myrrh (5:11)

Selected Song Samples


Hummus Around The Horn:


Laurebina Pass: