Explosive world class percussion from New York City featuring a cultural collage of global drumming and melodic sensibilities. The rhythmic beat masters Mecca Bodega offer up “Skin”, their powerful 7th release. Djembes, dumbeks, frame drums, hammered dulcimers and an arsenal of found objects define the pulse that elevates the spirit and makes you groove all night!

Mecca Bodega’s Skin is an example of the pre-iPod days, the centuries when music was played for religious, magical reasons, when rhythm was young, primal and percussive. Instruments as varied as trap kits, dumbeks, beer kegs, talking drums, lead djembes, tablas, didgeridoo and the hammered dulcimer are used to great effect to build one unified motif of expression. From the opening “Ravine” to the closing “Doko,” Mecca Bodega utilizes every type of acoustic instrument — ancient or otherwise — to provoke wild shamanistic sermons about primitive beats exported into the 21st century.
— Randy Ray,

Released: 2005

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1. Ravine (3:13)
2. Anytime Is A Good Time (6:50)
3. Mask (4:56)
4. Right Now (5:48)
5. Sidewinder (6:14)
6. Forest (5:20)
7. Smoke (2:17)
8. Kegger (4:24)
9. Moontan (4:18)
10. Flock Of Mangos (5:11)
11. Doko (6:29)

Selected Song Samples


Anytime is a Good Time:

Right Now: