Subway Stories

The soundtrack for the HBO movie “Subway Stories”. Directors include: Jonathan Demme, Abel Ferrara, Alison MacLean.

Drums, percussion, hammered dulcimer, didjeridoo, guitars, and chants recorded with the highest sound quality.

The end result of their percussion rich compositions is a sophisticated, ritualistic effort, reminiscent of Peter Gabriel’s “The Last Temptation of Christ.
— Vermont Review

The ten songs on this disc do more than stand on their own. They, infact, transport the listener the way the best music does.
— Outlines

Head music for the soul, a train ride to somewhere you really want to go.
— St. Louis Dispatch

Their drums and found instruments provide the burbling undercurrent for “Subway Stories”, giving it the lively feel of “Fear of Music”-era Talking Heads without the vocals and artiness.
— Daily Star, Oneonta

Released: 1997